JC Studios sells used instruments and amps. We also sell drum sticks & heads, guitar strings, guitar straps and more. All at lower prices than your regular music store. Here is a list of gear currently for sale:


Yamaha T100C
Fender Princeton Chorus $180
Fender Ultimate Chorus $275
Fender Princeton '65 $175
Fender Front man 25R $75
Peavey Backstage 110 $60
Crate G120C Xl $125
Marshall Valvestate combo 2000AVT 20 $220
Marshall Valvestate combo VS30R $100
Samson servo 150 power amp
Ibanez Tone Blaster Head
Crate 120 Head

Ultra Sound 100 acoustic amp with mic input



Red Squier Strat with tremolo
Fernandes Strat 1980's
Black Squier Strat
Aspen "Iceman" copy
Yamaha 4 string bass
Washburn 5 string bass
Starcaster by Fender - new in case



DOD distortion pedal
Boss Acoustic Simulator
Boss TR 2 tremolo
Tuner pedal
Ernie Ball volume pedal
Noise Gate pedal